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Mine actually warms up very quick too. I was surpised. One day, I let the car idle in the yard just because I was going to move it out of the garage for a short time and then take it back in. It might have been 5 mins tops and when I jumped back in, the gauge was at the half way point, where it usually is after being warmed up. I've yet to see it go higher, no matter how quick it gets the half way point.

It almost sounds to me like you have some air in the system. An air lock or bubble will cause the temp gauge to climb really fast. Sometimes just a couple heat cycles of the engine running will eventually get the bubbles out, but most of the time you crack open a bleeder to really fix the problem. Pretty sure you can also buy a vacuum pump for burping the cooling system too. Sometimes the bleeder screws are frozen in place.
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