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Dynoed a couple of weeks ago and need to get this fixed. I have a s-afc, bpu+ something, put down 431whp on stock twins. After we noticed the obvious problem and started checking the car it started acting up and threw a code 41/47 TP sensor. Had that replaced today but no difference. Probably tear into my afc to make sure all the wires are connected securely. Also need to pull codes tomorrow again.

Run one was base run 18 psi, run 2 adjusted afc accordingly 18 psi, 3 turned boost down to 15 psi. Obviously afr were the same regardless of what we did or at least followed the same pattern. First we thought the afc wasn't working but it seemed to be monitoring everything alright, I'll find out tomorrow.

Any ideas suggestions are greatly appreciated what to troubleshoot for. I would like to get this figured out asap.

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