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97TT6SP said:
I would flush it with DI water like 5-7 times until nothing comes out except water. What I mean by flush is drain all old fluid out, fill with DI, and drive around a bit to heat it up and circulate it. Be carefull though because it's tough to fill the system all the way until the thermostat opens. I think you can even buy an additive to help dissolve anything that is coating your radiator or causing any blockage and hence causing a hotter than normal temps. I agree that the thermostat should also be checked too.

Are you losing fluid over time? It might be a leak. When my water pump was slowly leaking a had similar symptoms until the level dropped enough such that the temp shot up all the way.
as my buddy here says, juxt pour in some drain-o :bigthumb:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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