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Can anyone tell me if the OEM toyota rotors for the mkiv TT come already painted to keep rust from forming on all the surfaces where the pads dont touch??

Usually in the past when i buy new rotors for a car i spray them with some silver or black spray paint on the hub part to keep them from rusting and looking like total sh!t behind the rims...

I bought a set of front OEM rotors for my 94 TT and i was gonna pull them out of the box and spray them like i usually do cause I cant stand to have rust behind nice i get them out of the box and i notice they already have the hub and the cooling fins sprayed with a thin layer of black spray can anyone tell me from experience if i should spray them myself or will the factory stuff hold up forever...I know alot of times on aftermarket rotors they are sprayed but the stuff wears off within a few miles and the rotors start to rust...

thanks in advance

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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