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Ryan's aka ☆ NORTHSTAR 94 RR Supra Build ☆ | HRE | Ridox | & Never ending mods..

Welcome to my build page!

I am also on Instagram, follow me: Ninja_Ryan

Build Update Quick Links

**These dates are not the dates of the mod installed, but that dates I have added to the build thread.

Year: 2011

- August 1, 2011: Build page started
- August 1, 2011: HRE Wheels
- August 1, 2011: Dash Restore
- August 1, 2011: HKS/Paisley Lip
- August 1, 2011: 3M Clear bra -Front bumper and Lip
- August 3, 2011: Ridox Side Skirts Arrive
- August 4, 2011: Added Carbon Fiber diversion plate
- August 9, 2011: Ridox Side Skirt Install
- August 29, 2011: Ridox Side Skirts painted and Installed
- September 1, 2011: Night shot picture of Ridox Side Skirt
- September 14, 2011: More Pictures Added
- September 26, 2011: LED Interior Light Install
- October 18, 2011: HID 55w 8000k Fog and Low Beam Install
- November 3, 2011: Some quick pics added
- November 18, 2011: Added Aerolite Carbon Fiber Fuse and ABS Rely Cover

Year: 2012

- June 27, 2012: Tan Carpet Removal and Dye to Black
- June 28, 2012: Audio Build List
- June 28, 2012: Audio Upgrade: Stock Subwoofer Replacment
- June 28, 2012: Audio Upgrade: Stock Rear Speaker Replacement
- June 28, 2012: Audio Upgrade: Stock Front Speaker Replacement
- June 28, 2012: Audio Upgrade: Stock Amp Replacement with JL XD 700/5
- July 11, 2012: Audio Upgrade : Head Unit - Double Din AVH-P3400BH
- July 12, 2012: Snapped a few pics
- October 9, 2012: Picture with Baltic Blue Supra

Year: 2013

- January 16, 2013: Wednesday Night Meet Pictures
- May 17, 2013: Polished Headlight
- June 7, 2013: Pictures from Real Street Dyno and V2 Lab Meet
- June 10, 2013: Add some daily life Pics of my Supra: 97k miles, Lance Alignment, etc..
- June 10, 2013: Induction Performance buying experience
- June 10, 2013: ProEFI 128 unboxing
- June 20, 2013: Upper Radiator Hose - Make/Build your own.
- June 26, 2013: GSC S1 Camshaft, GSC Beehive Springs & Ti Retainers, and GSC Valve Stem Seals
- July 8, 2013: Ferrea valve locks, Gates Racing belts (timing & serpentine), New OEM tensioner, gaskets, & cam seal
- July 9, 2013: Billet Tensioner & Driftmotion Pulleys
- August 2, 2013: Some Video clips of idle on stack cams HKS Ti - 4 inch from down pipe back added
- August 2, 2013: GSC S1 Cam Install
- August 4, 2013: Leak down test - Cylinder 1 failed
- August 8, 2013: Motor pulled: Time to go fully built motor
- August 19, 2013: More tear down pics of the motor
- October 4, 2013: New Turbo: PT 6766
- October 4, 2013: CP Pistons - High Compression 10:1 with upgraded wrist pins

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Year: 2013

- October 5, 2013: Manly H Tuff Heavy Duty Rods
- October 7, 2013: Ferrea 6000 series Competition Intake & Exhaust valves - Stock size
- October 7, 2013: Stock OEM Bearings
- October 8, 2013: Heater Hose for Single Turbo
- October 9, 2013: Titan ATI Super Damper & Gates Racing belt
- October 9, 2013: Tack Weld Timing Gear
- October 14, 2013: Tial 44 MVR wastegate
- October 14, 2013: Twin Gates Setup - Modified Manifold
- October 19, 2013: Black Ceramic Coating for Manifold and Downpipe
- October 21, 2013: Saikou Michi Catch can setup
- October 23, 2013: Bottom End Build
- October 30, 2013: Head Build
- October 30, 2013: ATI Titan Super Damner
- October 30, 2013: Water Lines Delete
- October 30, 2013: Stock OEM Cooler Delete
- November 19, 2013: Engine Parts now Black - Valve cover, fans, Intake manifold etc..
- November 26, 2013: Turbo & Wastegate Installed. Valve covers has NPT/AN fittings
- December 03, 2013: Intake Manifold Mod and FPR fittings changed
- December 05, 2013: Hydrographic/Hydrocoating parts Carbon Fiber look

Year: 2014

- April 14, 2014: Motor Ready to go: First Fire/Start Up - Video
- April 18, 2014: Upgrade Injectors and Fuel Pumps - FIC2150 & Twin Walbro E85 418 LPH
- April 21, 2014: OEM Traction Control Removed & Flex Fuel Sensor Install for ProEFI
- April 21, 2014: New K&N Intake & Completed motor picture
- April 22, 2014: Induction Performance Drop off - ProEFI and Dyno Tune
- April 28, 2014: Dyno Results and Video
- May 1, 2014: Induction Performance review thread: ProEFI install and Dyno Tune
- May 12, 2014: May update - Quick links & Build Specs updated

Year: 2015

- Feb 2015 - Wicked CAS Sub woofer install

Year: 2016

- April 2016 - Hydro Dip Update - Engine bay

Year: 2017

- January 2017 - E85 Fuel Lines Installed
- January 2017 - Fuel Relays replaced

Year: 2018

- August 2018 - Build update time!
- August 2018 - Tire upgrades and Wheels Powder Coated Glossy Black
- August 2018 - Upgrade to HKS Hypermax IV GT coilovers
- August 2018 - Alignment Issues and New OEM LCA bolts etc..

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New Build Specs: 2014
Last Update: 8/7/2018

CP Pistons 10:1 with upgrade wrist pins
Manly H Tuff Heavy Duty Rods
Stock OEM Bearings (clearance sized properly)
ARP Head and Rod bolts
Ferrea valve locks
Ferrea 6000 Competition Intake & Exhaust valves
GSC S1 Cams
GSC Titanium Beehive Springs & Retainers
GSC Valve Steam Seals
Gates Racing Belts (Timing & Serpentine)
Billet Tensioner
Driftmotion Pullys
Titan ATI Super Damner

Wrinkle Black Upper Intake manifold
Hydrographic Carbon Fiber spark plug cover
Wrinkle Black Valve cover
EGR block off plates
GReddy Power steering cooler with A/C line relocation
K&N mini filter on IAC and valve cover breather
TRD Thermostat
Titan carbon fiber air diversion
Aerolite carbon fiber fuse cover
Aerolite carbon fiber ABS rely cover

PT 6766 Journal Bearing with anti-surge 1.00 AR Divided housing
4 inch inlet 3 inch outlet standard T4 flange
Polished compressor housing
Boost Logic turbo blanket
Horsepower Freaks Silver powder coated IC pipes 3”
T-bolt clamps at every intercooler connection with silicon couplers
Greedy 3-Row Intercooler
Modified Horsepower Freaks Turbo Kit including the following:
Ceramic Black exhaust manifold with v-band w/g flange – Twin gate setup
Tial 44mm v-band flanged external wastegate with 1.0bar spring
Tial MVR 44mm v-band with 1.0 bar spring
Stainless 2” dump tube
Induction Performance 2” dump tube
Teflon coated oil return lines with flex section
Stainless oil feed line with heat insulation at base
Header collector has tapped for EGT sensor

HKS SSQ on drivers side IC pipe with welded flange
HKS Racing Type II on passenger side IC pipe with welded flange
All silicon vacuum lines to BOV’s and from boost controller to wastegate
Wrinkle Black Intake pipe with 4” K&N filter

Sound Performance Fuel Rail
Sound Performance machined brackets for FPR and gauge
Fuel Injection Clinic 2150’s
Twin Walbro E88 416 LPH Pumps
Twin fuel pump relays with twin heavy gauge inline fused wiring from the battery
-6 feed from tank plus stock line with adapter fittings
Aeromotive FPR with remote liquid filled FP gauge
Earls inline fuel filter, factory filter
15 mm internal diameter fuel rail with twin inlets and common center return
Flex Fuel Sensor (continental)

4” down pipe with v-band for turbine discharge
4” mid pipe, v-band at both ends with race shop clamps – Ceramic Black
HKS Ti 4” exhaust with silencer and HKS factory mounts

ProEFI 128 EMS
MKIV 6spd Supra Adapter Harness
5 Bar Map sensor
Wideband sensor kit
Air Temp sensor
Fuel Pressure sensor
iBoost solenoid
iBoost 5-position knob
CAN Logger
CAN Gauge - 52mm round
Temp sensors - air, water, oil, etc.

Factory Toyota keyless entry

Head Unit: Double Din - Pioneer AVH-P3400BH
Laser cut MDF 6.5 speaker bracket for the front speakers
Front Speaker: Image Dynamics CTX6.5 CS (component speakers) 6.5 inch
Rear Speaker: Image Dynamics CTX-6 (2 way coaxial speaker) 6 inch
Subwoofer: Wicked CAS Sub Woofer JL Audio 10W3v3
Amplifier: JL XD 700/5 - Class D amp (5 channel)


Amp Kit:
Candance WK41 4 Guage Kit w/2 Channel RCA
1 – 17’ High Grade Twisted Pair of 100% Copper RCA Cable
17’ – 4 Gauge Translucent Blue SuperFlex Power Cables
17’ – 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cable
17’ – 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire
3’ – 4 Gauge Clear SuperFlex Ground Wire
Gold Plated AGU Heat Resistant Fuse Holder
60 Amp AGU Gold Plated Fuse
7’ Split Tube Loom

Horse power Freaks Feramic 6-puck clutch
RPS Blue pressure plate
Stock Flywheel

HKS Hipermax IV GT Coilovers
Goodridge Stainless brake hoses at all four corners
Toyota Brake pads OEM (Not TRD)
Toyota Rotors OEM

98 Headlights
98 Taillights
98 Turn signals
98 “Supra Turbo” badge
JDM Parking lights
Tinted windows including the front windshield
Shaved Antenna
Shaved rear wiper
DDM HID Slim kit – 55w – 8000k Low beam
DDM HID Slim kit – 55w – 8000k Fog light
Painted black/clear coated calipers with chrome “Supra” script
3m Clear bra on front bumper and on CF lip
HKS/Paisley carbon fiber Lip
Ridox/Shine carbon fiber side skirts
Top Secret/Shine carbon fiber diffuser

Chrome bezel rings
Billet Aluminum bezel ring for 6 speed center console
Lotek 3 gauge pod, 52mm
SuperbrightLeds Cool White - Dome, glove box, and trunk

McGard Splinedrive lug nuts
Street - HRE 543R - 19X9 , 19x10
Street Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sports: Front: 255/30/19 Rear: 285/30/19
Track - Blitz Technospeed Z1 “Blitz Silver” - 18x9 , 18x10 (looking for some spare z1)
Drag - 94 Stock Alloy wheels - 17x8, 17x9.5

Spark plugs - NGK BCPR7ES (3330’s / 6282)
Oil Filter - Toyota 90915-YZZD1
Oil – Valvoline VR1 20w-50
Transmission fluid – Toyota V160
Rear Differential - Mobile 1 gear oil
Coolant – Toyota Red

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Since I really never ever post pictures of my Supra I am going to picture whore it out a starting from 2005…So here is my Supra through out the years….


Singled and 4x4 Supra

YEAR: 2006

Eibach and Koni Yellow adjustable installed in time for Orlando/Tampa Supra meet. Thanks to Mike Nunez – We did the install at his driveway at night lol.

Street tuning for high boost with Vijay and Mike “MTR” at Orlando Supra meet…


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YEAR: 2007

Too hot in FL to be baked by the Sun. Tint installed including the front windshield.
Tampa Supra BBQ cruise hosted by KirkMKIV

Supra meet at Bradenton drag strip. Drag Radial setup. I was only able to do one pass and it was a shake down pass at that… I accidently used the wrong wheel lugs. I used the aftermarket one that goes with my blitz wheels instead of the stock lugs that fit with the stock wheels.

I bent all rear wheel studs and was pretty lucky that they didn’t break off at the track but I knew something was wrong when I launched the car and got off the throttle…

Fortunately I was still able to drive back home without being towed. I was good 2 hours away from home.

Ordered new wheel hub and bearings fixed and replaced. That same day was one of the saddest days of owning my Supra. I was pretty excited to have my Supra up and running again. The ground was still a bit wet from rain but I driven in damp road conditions before with out issues. While merging left onto the highway I give it a quick little punch… Needless to say that punch put me in a 180 and I was sliding towards the guard rail. My rear quarter panel ended up kissing the guard rail. No other cars were involved.

This is the first time I shared these pictures with anyone. Still a bit painful to look, but it’s a good reminder for me to always respect the power our cars make…


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Now my baby needs to be fixed! I choose the best paint and body shop Orlando has to offer. Samuels Paint and Body. This is the same place Titan cars and countless Supra owners such as Wes’s (Onelove) copper orange Supra, Jessica Barton’s etc... Have taken to, so I seen the work and knew I was in good hands with Samuels and Allstate cutting the check.

Repairs take a few months to fix. Unfortunately I did not take any pics of the Supra shop being repaired, just the finished product. I got the whole Supra repainted Renaissance Red, Shaved the rear wiper and antenna, added 98 rear taillights and “Supra Turbo” badge.

Back to Chrome TT Wheels


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YEAR: 2008 & 2009

At the cars and café meet and clutch dead pedals. No tension what so ever.
Supra gets towed to my friends shop. Replaced slave cylinder, upgraded my Bronze puck to a Feramic puck, bought a low mileage flywheel and resurfaced it. All new Toyota OEM Flywheel bolts, Throw out bearing, Large snap ring, and small snap ring.

This was the real culprit that caused my dead petal in the end. $30 dollar Toyota part...
Clutch Release Bearing

Had to fix my fuel sender and a good time to check on my dual walbro fuel pumps


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So I been rolling around stock TT wheels for a while since 2008 and been wanting some new wheels. Decided to go with 19“ HRE 543R’s it was a nice end of year present for myself. I did a little touch up to my calipiers and added chrome Supra stickers..

Whoopps forgot to put on the other lug nut..


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YEAR: 2010

Well my dash started to like crap. Since its the 94 year dash it has that sticky crap on it and over time begins to look like ass. I did not want to spend the monies for a new dash or get it painted so it was time to restore it.

Picked up some Goof off 2 - Safe for Plastic , Valspar –Plastic Primer, and 600 grit sand paper. Steel wool is not needed, but I thought it would help and it doesnt.

Before pics of my dash before removal.

Removed the dash

Soaked all the dash parts in Goof Off2 ..scrubed off all the sticky reidue from the dash. This took quite of bit of time to scrub the dash clean. I just used the dish washing pad to scrub the panels. After the dash peices were dried. I took 600 grit sandpaper and scrubed all the panles for a smooth surface.

Test peices was the ashtray to start.

Before picture

After Goof Off and 600 grit sanding by hand.

First coat of Valspar – Plastic primer


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Scrubed 6 speed console with restored ashtray

After picture



Finished panels

Bought some new Bezels..the one TRD Chrome Bezels were just stick on and once taken off cant be used again. Found these one and they are much better quality.


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Hmm a few high speed pulls, rocks chips etc...and my Supra gets a damn pimple on the front end. Kind of pissed this happen cause the paint seems like it did’nt stick to the bumper maybe poor prep job? I dunno. It started as a small chip and quickly became and eye sore.

Quick call to Brad at Samules Paint and Body who previsouly did all the work, told me to stop by and so he can take a look. Even though the front bumper was painted back in 2007, Brad took care of the issue and painted the front bumper again =). Thats what I call stading behind your work!

I decided to take the front end off my self so my Supra does’nt just sit and collect dust at his shop. Dust from the body shop tends to get everywhere!

I always hate taking the front end off..its such a pain in the ass..


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Got the front end back from Brad and was happy with the work. The color matched perfect .No issues.

Perfect time to add an upgrade. I have always wanted this Lip when it came out and could not get a hold of one for the longest time ever. Sean at Titan let me know they finally have one and its better than the orginal..

Lets compare it to the orginal one since Nero’s BPU Supra has one. Unwraping it at Titan’s show room floor.

You can really tell the differnence here in this pic..


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I was very happy with the quality of the Lip now time to install it my Supra.Test fit the lip to make sure it matches up with my front end and mark the holes to drill.

Finished drilling and attaching the lip to the front end

Perfect alinment..Lip is not hanging past the front end to much.

GOT JDM? Overnight parts from Japan .. JDM parking lights! Thanks Peter!

Close up of the install... checking out the lines..

Day pics


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Put the Supra back together and now I want to protect my front end and my carbon fiber lip from rock chips etc...Time for a 3m Clear bra install. They can pretty much do anytype of custom cut of the 3m to match any car..

Pictures are from the cell phone. Dave does some awesome work for sure.

The front bumper is now done. Time to clear bra the carbon fiber lip.

As you can see adding the 3m Clear bra really makes the CF lip stand out even more. Its really shiny now.


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I have had the 3m clear bra on my car for quite some time and could not be any happier. A good amount of highway pulls etc.. and the 3m clear bra has given me no problem at all. Bugs and other crap easily come off and the best thing is that there a no rock chips and I mean not one white dot on my front end!

Well here are a few pics with my Supra with the HKS Lip.


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