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?'s about targas & coupes

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Does the MKIV Targa have as rigid of chassis as the Coupe ? Due to the lack of a solid roof ?
Also, if the doors of the Targa are reinforced to compensate for the open top how much additional weight would this add. I really hope this isn’t going to be flamed to a crisp like the pointless six-speed slut ramblings about automatics & manuals. My ? would be in regards to performance on a road course, Laguna Seca , Button Willow Etc.)

Thank you for your responses.
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I think the targa is 100-150 lbs heavier. It is not as stuff as the hardtop even with the top on. However the targa is still stiffer than almost anything else you would be looking into. I wanted a hardtop too, the problem is they are really rare. I think that less than 400 hardtop turbos were ever sold in the US.
I think at most targa is only 25-50 lbs heavier. y would it be 150 lbs? is thare more bracing in a targa car than in a Hardtop?
The rear quarter panels have more bracing on the targa. I believe the hard top is more rigid, but I don't think I saw any difference in magazine numbers between the hardtop and targa.

Later, Steve
well - besides the point - i personally think targa is bad ass
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