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I'm researching into what I'm going to need in order to take my 89T to the next level of performance, I've searched quite a bit and still feel a little lost, I hear one thing then another. I plan on purchasing a lex AFM and RC 550's and I need to know what exactly I need to monitor and control my air / fuel ratios safely.

After reading the info on the Apexi (SAFC) website I'm still foggy as to whether it will read my AF ratios or just allow me to adjust the mixture. Do I need a wideband meter for this? If the SAFC allows me to adjust my mixture why would I need a FPR? Doesn't the custom adjusting screw on the AFM allow me to adjust the mixture?

Please don't ask me to search, I'm looking for a concrete outline of what does what and what I will need to purchase so I can do it right the first time... thanks
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