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SC300 2JZ-GTE swap (automatic)

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Unfortunately, a co-worker wrecked his SC300 last sunday, loosing control on ice. Front bumper is broken, fenders are bent, radiator pushed into the engine, airbags discharged and hood is crushed. Otherwise car rolls straight, turns the steering wheel fine and looks like there is no frame damage.
If they total it, he'll have an option to buy it back for only $1500. I have been thinking about offering him to sell me the car for the buy out cost, since he's not interested in it if it's salvage title. Car is an '97, 46k miles, automatic, titanium (blueish) silver, coupe with a flush wing and all options.

I wanted to drop a supra motor in it, and a built auto tranny (one SP or Marko offer). I want to leave it salvage, w/out title and plates, gut it out (even replace windows with lexan) and use for racing only.

Now, is the SC300 auto tranny the same one as in supra? Same as TT auto tranny or NA auto tranny? If NA, is that tranny acceptable as core exchange piece? Also, how strong is the rear end and other drivetrain pieces? Will MKIV front calipers fit on there (got an extra set)?

Thanks for any help/tips.
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Drivetrain is the same as the N/A Supra, search through the N/A forum or on the lexus board for more info. You can Turbo the N/A engine and get quite a bit of power from it for a lot less time and money than doing the complete TT engine swap. If you blow it up you can sell the header to a N/A-T guy and drop in the TT engine or even use the TT bottom end with the N/A head

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