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Hey guys, I cant seem to find too much info on this. I have an 92 Auto SC300. In the next couple of months or so I plan on dropping in a 2JZGTE and doing a standard w58 5 speed conversion. I will be using a 5 speed Drive shaft, and my Auto Rear Diff.

I plan on trying to find an 93-96 Auto TT LSD rear diff. From what ive been reading, the internals should be a direct swap and I can keep my NA Auto pumpkin. Now my questions are which driveshaft will I need?

And if I just change the pumpkin to the Auto TT, which DS would I need? Would I need new Axles? And Is it recommended to change the entire pumpkin, or is doing the internals good enough??

Thanks.. Ive been researching this for the last few days, but I cant seem to find any SC3 info, just alot of Supra info.
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