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SCAM or ???
I smell a setup but I can't see an angle. Is there a VIN cloning angle, bogus payment deal, or?????
I have 3 Toyotas sitting in the driveway in Las Vegas, 2 clearly look unused because of dust. In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 unique and somewhat similar inquiries to buy the 2 unused ones. Yesterday's third inquiry set off an alarm in the back of my head. This is in addition to the notes on the windshield that are occasionally left.
40ish Guy with "wife" pulls up in a late Dodge 4x4 with big aftermarket wheels and an Illinois license plate. He is clean and decently dressed, looks vaguely Hispanic but no accent. Rings bell and asks if I will sell one or both of the vehicles (85 Mk2 and 86 Cress). I say I will sell the Cress for $1100, he offers 700, I say 800 and he says OK. I then explain that the car won't start on recent attempts likely because of a battery cable or connection issue. He says that's OK, says he trusts that I am telling him the truth that the car runs well. I tell him that I have to get the title from my daughter, he gives me a phone # to call and leaves.
The guy was offering to buy and pay for a car without hearing it run or looking inside. He spoke of going off and getting a new battery or having a wrecker come to pick it up. We traded some technical notes showing he knows auto mechanicals.

Shopping reason given was that his daughter's husband had run off taking her vehicle and leaving her high and dry. He said he was also interested in the Supra for his son. These are only slight variances from the last shopper from a week ago. That guy said he was in town (from CA) to help his daughter get settled.

If you need a car in a hurry and are from out of town, wouldn't you look where there are lots of cars, i.e. at dealers or even at classifieds. Why are you using time knocking on doors asking about old cars that don't have for sale signs on them?

He has an Illinois plate but the phone # given was a Nevada #.

He did not seem to be in the neighborhood for any other purpose. My street is not a thoroughfare nor is it a shortcut. Seems like he may have been just cruising/scouting.

The area is a "nice" above average neighborhood. But there have been several burglary events just in the neighboring 2 blocks. One was a 3 AM attempt to pull my trailer away. It was foiled because the thief misjudged the gap and jammed it against my Supra. He was also chased by my neighbor (packing heat) coming home from work. Others include; a car break-in around the corner, a home back door break-in, snipping the trailer door locks on both mine and a neighbor's trailer. And probably others that I don't know about.
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