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Screeching Brakes

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My front brakes are screeching on my 93.5 TT. The pads only have about 8K on them. Anyone know of any quick ways to solve this or what could be the most likely problem.

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try sanding the rotors....could have some build up on the outside edges...this worked for me -TIM
I just had new front pads put on and they screech like crazy just before the car comes to a stop. They dont squeal at all under hard braking or normal speed braking but only just before the car comes to a stop. It drives me crazy. I have the stock pads and damn do they dust a lot.
This happened with me, going both forwards and backwards. It was unbearable. I bought 3 different sets of pads for it only to go away for about a day or two. I finally bought some factory rotors and now it only squeeks going in reverse. I've used all sorts of different "brake silencer" goo...Next I"m going with a different brand of pads other than Toyota, probably the Hawks'...Any other ideas? Especially why it only does it in reverse? It was strange, the second the rotors were on, it continued it in reverse. It's not like it gradually came back..This is getting aggravating..
I have the same problem on my 95 6spd.
Bought new Brembo pads, scheeching brakes problem fixed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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