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Sealing dual pump wires coming out of the tank...

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I had a tuner do my dual pumps, very nice and clean install. Each one of them runs up to it's own banjo bolt and then using an SS braided line and Earls fittings it goes to each end of the rail. Wiring is all nice with inline fuses and dual relays......

But I got a problem. Where the wires are coming out of the tank, it was sealed with JB Weld. I moved wires around during install, and it started leaking thru the wires once the tank gets pressurized. Sorta like vapors and bubbles and small/slow gas leak. This was happening on 1/2 tank of gas, it's not like gas level was all the way up to the pump bracket lid. I used high temp RTV automotive sealant (copper color) and that stopped the leak......but......than i ran into leaks with banjo bolt crush washers, because I loosened and tightened them like 10 times during testing.

So, i replaced the washers, and tried to seal the wires using Gas Tank Lean Repair Kit epoxy (2-part), but it leaked thru the wiring again. Most likely because epoxy is made to attach to metal, and then be sanded down flush, and it wouldn't stick to the plastic plug on the pump lid.

Now I have the whole assembly out of the car, and am trying to redo the portion where the wires come out, THE RIGHT WAY. I have 7 wires coming out, 4 12gauge, 3 14gauge.

Could anyone tell me what you use to seal it properly, and how?

Thanks in advance.
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Contact Henry F.
I think he is MachSupratt on the forums.
His intank fuel bracket setup it THE BEST- bar none!!
and I mean BAR NONE! NO ONE makes it as neat, clean, and like OEM.
You will do yourself a BIG favor by doing it.

I emailed him yesterday, still no reply. I am hoping not to have and pay $200+ to re-do the pumps.....but I'll doit if necessary. I'll post some pics of my setup tonight.
call me im going to speak to henrie tonight on the phone ! i can pass what ever you want along !
Gotta call Henri....

His bracket will make all the others look like what they really are....."Home made"

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