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I'm looking to purchase a new set of seats for street use but I can't decide between a solid shell bucket seat or reclinable seat.

If you own or have owned a set of solid shell seats please give me some feedback as to the comfort.

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I search and debate and I decided to recover the stock seats. Keep in mind at the time I was doing 600-800 miles on the roadcourse annually with my car.

For me it just didn't make a lot of sense to give up the comfort of the stock seats, the power adjustment and the factory seat belt mounting point.

If I remember correctly a reclineable seat was only going to save me approximately 35lbs.

Of course you can save considerably more weight with a fixed back seat, but then you give up access to the rear seat.

Just my 2 cents,

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to follow Steve's comments...

your usage of the car should dictate your decision here. in general, seats that are nice on the street, suck on the track; and seats that are effective on the track, suck on the street.

i have had several sets of seats in my supra, including:

1. stock
2. Sparco Milano Prestige
3. Bride Gias
4. Cobra Suzuka (fixed bucket modelled after Sparco Corsa)
5. Recaro Speed

i believe most people don't realize just how demanding a race seat (like the Gias or Suzukas) really are. race seats are very rigid and significantly limit your mobility - as intended. this is a real PITA on the street, however - when strapped into the buckets with a 4 point harness, i could not even reach into the passenger seat to pick up a small object like my wallet or phone. you also have to climb in and out of the car like it's a jungle gym, which may sound kind of cool to some, but trust me, after a couple times - it isn't.

keep in mind also, that a fixed bucket is not compatible with the OEM seatbelts b/c the side bolsters prevent the belt from resting closely enough to your hips - not safe in the event of a collision.

IMO, there's no really good compromise - seats that work on the track, suck on the street, and vice-a-versa. i would recommend NOT running a fixed bucket on the street.


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Personally, I quite like buckets and don't have a problem with them, even on long road trips. They are usually lighter and cheaper too. There are only two reasons to get a reclinable, if you sleep in the car, and if you have sex in the car. Either way, both are far more enjoyable if you get a room.
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