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Second turbo Problem! Please help!!

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Hi guys,
well today I got my boost gauge installed for the first time. I had the bleeder mod and everything and I went in to get a hallman boost controller. I found out that the second turbo was only boosting like 10 or 11psi. With the bleeder, isnt it supposed to boost 15-17? So now I dont know whats wrong with the car. There is nothing wrong with the turbos and they are working fine. Just the second turbo isnt getting all the boost. So my question is, what could it possibly be? Im taking the car in tommorow again and I just wanted to know what the problem could be? Some valve/hose?
I need help on this one real bad guys. All this time I was thinking I was boosting a lot, but I still havent felt the power of BPU. So in a way its exciting :)
Any help appreciated.
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Could be a boost leak?
Check your VSV hoses. One of them probably popped off or is loose. If the hoses get too hard then they may leak. Check the VSV by the front turbo, right above the alternator first.
has to be a boost leak. VSV or bleeder mode will get you at least 15psi after 2nd gear. mix soupy water in a spray bottle and spay on vacuum hoses, then rev the engine. if you see bubbles oforming around the hose, its leaking air.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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