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The Secondary Twin on the stock twins is not pulling as hard as it should be.
I am wondering is this a common problem on high mileage cars around 105k?
I have not done a boost leak test yet but the boost guage seems to be holding boost, the guage does not fluctuate.

My spark plugs have not been changed for a year, currently running 6097's but they do not misfire. Current plugs have about 3k on them.

I am hoping changing the plugs might help. I am also told that it could be a loose vacum hose under the secondary twin that opens the actuator. If anyone has had a similar problem please respond with your solution.


I am curently on stock side mount intercooler with Hks hardpipe kit, stock twins, bpu. I have also checked the hard pipes to make sure they are all connected properly. The car has always been boosting hard when the second turbo comes on line up until the past week.
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