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Hello all,

I am trying to swap aristo 161 turbo engine to my NA 1998 supra, but I am not sure why my car dies straightly/not able to switch on.

I have studied a lot of articles about swapping and following the 2jzgarage & wilbo666 diagram.

One issue I found is that my ETCS-I seems no power and not working when I was trying to start my car. Already followed a 2jzgarage article to test out my ETCS-I has no issue but just not sure if any wiring issue cause that cannot operate normally when the car start.

below are the guide i followed, but again i am not 100% sure i am doing the right job becoz i am not too sure where is ETCS-i Pin 1 & 2. i am able to find out Pin 7 +BM (Blue Red wire) and connect with BA2 5 Pin connector (Picture as below).

  • The fuse box ETCS-i pin1 goes to the shared 12v (Shared 12v within fuse box for all fuses) – ETCS-i 15amp fuse
  • The fuse box ETCS-i pin2 goes to one of the plugs under the fuse box (BA2 5 pin connector which is the Blue-Red wire) engine loom connector – which then goes straight to the ECU (Block B78 (C) – Pin 7 +BM)

Parts i am using for swapping:

Aristo Engine
Aristo ECU
Supra TT engine loom (OEM)
Supra NA Body loom
Supra NA Fuse box

I am willing to pay if anyone is able to solve my problem. Below are the video and picture for reference. Please help and I think I am so close to finishing the swapping...........

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