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Hey everyone, Im selling my 1989 Toyota pickup v6 sr5 4x4 extended cab with a six foot bed. It is in ok condition, what you would expect to find on a 17 year old truck. There is no body rust at all and the engine is in good mechanical order. It is a midnight blue color with tinted side and rear windows and also vent visors all the way around. It has the sliding rear window and the bed liner is fairly new, no cracks or dings in it at all. Interior condition is not bad at all again considering it is 17 years old. There is a little wear on the drivers seat and two small cigarette burns from an owner before me, but no rips or tears. The mileage is currently at 147746. The four wheel drive works absolutly great, both four wheel high and four wheel low. It has an upgraded pioneer single cd stereo and two 6 inch speakers in the doors. Everything electrically works fine. It sit on 16" rims with 32" by 11.5" tires. The tires still have more than 70% tread on them.

Now on to the flaws of the vehicle. Like I said, the engine feels strong and is good mechanically but the oil pan gasket does need to be replaced as it does leak maybe 5-6 drops an hour. The rear bumper is in place, but in the middle it is starting to rust through. The rear seat has been removed so there are two compartments exposed, but people can still comfortably ride back there as my friends do when its my turn to drive lol. The passenger door doesn't open from the outside, but does from the inside, I think the linkage is just misaligned. It has a newer exhaust system on but the tail pipe did break off about an inch away from where it meets the muffler. You cant notice any sound differance from when it was on. And there is a dent in the drivers side door from when my neighbor backed up into me. The metal is not creased, just dented slightly. That is all that I know of that is wrong with the truck.

Again, it is a very nice looking and driving truck that needs alittle bit of work to make it perfect. I drive it daily and have no problems at all. The reason Im selling it is because I just want something newer and a little bigger. I bought it for a winter truck back in the end of November 2005 but kept it to drive as my daily driver.

Kbb rates this vehicle at $3180 in fair condition, which it is. I am asking $2200 or best offer. I will try to get some pictures up today when I get off of work. If anyone is iterested or has any questions, please feel free to ask.
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