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Due to Family, time and funds I am selling my Supra.

Here are some pics:

The engine bay is a little cleaner now but I still need to detail it to make it shine. I was not worried about bling, I am more GO than SHOW. It's just dusty, no oil leaks what so ever!!!

I purchased the car from an older laydy who hardly drove it and never abused it. It has 90K original miles and the body and interior are in great condition. Tires were new when I got it and I have only put about 7K miles on the car.

Maroon paint with Grey cloth, Sport roof (doesnt leak). The rubber nose could use a painting but other than that the body is great. One small hole in the back seat (size of a dime or smaller) is the only big interior flaw.

The engine has about 7000 miles after the rebuild, the Turbo has about 2000 miles after it was rebuilt and the tranny has about 1000 miles after its rebuild.

Fully built and balanced engine:
Ross Pistons
Shot peened rods with new bushings
ARP main and rod hardware
ARP Undercut head studs
Rods and main journals were shaved and line bored to fit the new Clevite bearings
+1mm SS valves (Ferra)
Engine work was done by Loynings. They also assembled the bottom end.
Head was ported by Jim at Precision Engines
TMS 1.4mm MHG

Greedy/IHI RHC7 turbo kit (Duane used the same turbo for his beast untill recently)
Consists of the Turbo with a 23cm exh housing, 3" DP with bungs for the stock O2 sensor and a wideband bung, Greedy Tubeular Manifold, Greedy wastegate and I added braided oil feed and return lines with a Golan fuel filter on the oil feed line to filter the oil. Exh housing of turbo, the manifold and the DP are ceramic coated. The turbo was rebuilt by a local shop,

Currently setup with a single walbro in tank, Greddy 720cc injectors and Aeromotive FPR. Aeroquip lines between the fuel feed hardline and the rail and again from the rail to the FPR. I also have an Aeromotive 11102 fuel pump (used but works fine) but I dont have the funds to sump the tank and run new lines at this time.

I rebuilt the R154 with a cryo treated trust washer, all new bearings and a Marlin Crawler Main bearing retainer as well as new syncros and seals. I am running Redline Shock Proof (heavy Duty) oil in the tranny. The Clutch is a Spec stage 3. All the measurments were within spec when I assembled the tranny.

Exhaust is a custom setup by Aaron at The cat is a 3.5" high flow Stainless unit and the cat back is 3.5" with a 3.5 in/out magnaflow. The car is not quiet but I have not pissed off the neighbors yet. It sounds pretty good. Wategate dumps to atmosphere currently.

Intake consists of an AEM filter and custom 2.5" Aluminum (NOT steel) intrecooler piping and FMIC. A Tial BOV is mounted on the upper IC pipe.

Blitz DSBC Spec S bost controller
PLX M500 wideband (wireless logging)
I have an AEM EMS I can include with the car. I tried running a Blue E-Manage and an MAFT Pro but I was not happy with the results so I decided to bite the bullit and get an AEM. It is Serial # 16 and I bought it from a fellow supra owner. It has all the software, sensors (never used), box etc. I have not done any tuning as of yet but I did plug it in and load the software on my laptop and it all works fine. I had an appt with Rrev Motorsports to tune the car but I had some home repair issues come up and the funds got diverted so I could not finish the fuel system let alone spend the cash to get it tuned.

I currently drive the car daily on the stock computer. It drives fine as long as I keep the boost below 1 bar. Anything over that and I get fuel cut due to the stock computer and Lexus AFM.

The Stereo is a Kenwood MP3 unit with the an Audiobahn 12" sub and amp in the hatch (removable carpeted box). The 4 corners are still stock but sound very good.

I can sell the car with everything or I can take the all the electronics, IC and piping and turbo kit off and the buyer can build it to their liking or I could go somewhere in between.

I would also trade the car straight across for a 1994-1997 F350 Crew Cab Diesel

$5000 for the car without the AEM, Wideband, 720cc injectors, Boost controller, Turbo kit, Intercooler kit, I would put the stock stereo back in.
You would need to provide the following to get it on the road: injectors, turbo (I have stock manifold, no cracks), downpipe, IC and piping. I would leave in the Lexus afm and also a stock afm as well as the Apex intake.

$9000 for everything I have for the car (AEM not tuned, Aeromotive fuel pump, etc)

$8000 for the car as I am driving it today. No AEM or Aeromotive fuel pump included.

Anyhow, if someone is interested shoot me a PM and I will give out my phone number. I think this is a fair deal based on the amount of $ I have put into the car. I hate to sell it as I was shooting for one of the quickest MKIII's in the NW. Life sux some times.

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