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NEED HELP...Any suggestions appreciated
This is the problem:

I Have a 93.5 and a few months ago i had my car in shop it had its gaskets changed, hoses, tranny and misc other things worked on, but the funny thing is that i drove the car for one day and it was driving fine no sign of overheating or other mechanical problems the next day i drove it and I was going downhill and pressed the brake and then the car shut off. I tried starting it but the car cranked but didn't turn over. I had the car towed to a friends to try to diagnois the problem we ended killing the battery from cranking the car so much. After that when we attempted to jump the car and switched battery, but now the car doesn't even crank anymore we even checked the ECU harness and wires, fuses, relays for a short then I thought it was a kill switch or something with the alarm, but had it pulled out and still did the same problem. The only way were able to crank the car is when we run a power probe straight to the starter relay but still doesn't start. I had numerous car guys check out the car but we can't find the problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS or IDEAS what it could be. THANKS

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If you have a turbo timer installed then you may have to reset it or replace it. Jump-starting is known to cause some turbo timer problems.
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