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how much can the deck of a N/A supra be decked?????
i had my done and was talking to a few guys from toyota and they all said i needed a new block, becouse we removed to much for the stock piston/rod size. So i put it all back together. Now the car runs great but under cool morning starts you can here a small amount of noise, it normal only happens when the motor revs under start-up. (something the motor dose by itself) i also had the head plained last year.

there is a total of 15 thuo removed.
13 from the block
2 from the head.

stock headgasket, and valve train
all the guys i talked to from toyota still say it can be true????
am i pulling some tricks here.

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did you have the head reconditioned and cleaned up?
Do you have new pistons in this block?

what all did you have done?

most of the time, cold start noise is piston slap. excessive cylinder clearance or forged pistonce which CALL for additional clearance have slap/noise like this before the engien warms up.

if its a slight ticking noise, its most likely cams that are out of adjustment. ticking cams are similar to a relay clicking or the injectors clicking. its a light noise, not hard/deep sounding

i had 0.017" taken from my block alone. i used a 2.0 MLS gasket though. when you take material away from the block and the head, youer supposed to use a thicker head gasket to compensate for the material losses so your cam timing doesnt get out of whack.
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