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This question is for those of you using the SBC-ID. I just got the new Blitz Dual Solenoid SBC-DC and installed it today. Picked it up in Japan so all of the instructions were in Japanese. But the unit is identical to the SBC-ID and the install was exactly the same. I was wondering how the hell you're supposed to adjust boost. There are three channels (boost settings) and a scramble boost and peak hold. I'm assuming that the way you set the boost and gain is the same as the ID. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

· has some instructions (if they're up again!!), and there's also a couple of excel spreadsheets about Sbc-id and power meter. You just have to do a search on one of the messages here.
I also just got the same j-spec sbc-id, .. but I'll wait to get the Power meter before installing it ..
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