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Setup to beat a MKIV from 0-rev limit

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Considering I do go with the tried and true 7MGTE transplant in spring, what setup would give me a good chance of beating a 500hp MKIV from 0 to rev limit? I know that the MKII is lighter but I know that it also suffers from serious hinderances like small tires.

I already have a plan for my suspension but what are your ideas on the best rims, tires, turbo, ic and fuel setup.

Also for those who have raced MKIV's what is the breakdown of pos/neg when racing.

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No love?

No ideas? Can't be done? Something....please.
Of course it can be done. As with any car modifications, the only question is "how fast do you want to spend?"

If you want to beat a genuine 500hp Mk4, you won't need 500hp since your Mk2 is significantly lighter. However you will need a lot more power than a stock 7M-GTE can deliver. I'd recommend the following:

- copper headgasket
- ARP head bolts (torque that sucker down)
- high-flowed CT26 turbo, or just get a better turbo if you can afford it (eg Garret GT series)
- biggest intercooler you can fit between the headlights
- 550cc injectors
- bigger fuel pump
- standalone injection (eg Haltech, Motec etc).

The above should be good for 400-450hp, which should be enough to keep up with a 500hp Mk4.

As for tyres, I wouldn't call 225 tyres "small" however you will want something a bit bigger if you're going to drag race it. Apparently 245's fit without any trouble. Get some good quality tyres and you should have enough traction. Make sure that LSD is working properly though - chances are it needs adjusting if it hasn't been done in the last few years.
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MKII LSD adjustment?

Can the rear end of the mkII be adjusted as you say? I have an 85 6M-GTE with 211,000 miles on it and want to get a tight lock up in the diff. can I use a thicker fluid or can I swap out the guts for something stronger. I making 216whp and 219 ft.lbs w/6psi
Mk2 Supra's have a clutch-type LSD which needs to have its clearances shimmed on occasion. Thicker fluid will have little effect once the clearances are too wide. Take it to any diff shop, they'll know what to do and they can make it super-tight (almost like a locker) if you prefer.
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