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This a Tech/Newbie question here. I saw this Single turbo Supra for sale. This is the setup its has: greddy t78 turbo kit with down pipe, greddy power extreme exhaust, greddy type r blow off valve, greddy wastegate, greddy profec b boost controller, greddy turbo timer, apex super afc(fuel controller)apex front mount intercooler,hks fuel cut defencer,hks vpc,hks hard pipe kit, fuel presure regulator, front and rear strut tower bars, autometer a/f and boost gauges, act stage 3 clutch. Just wondering if this sounds like a good setup? I'll read up on this aswell so thanks for any info that you guys may have to say about this setup. Thanks
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Sounds ok but, your going to need to get a front mount Yesterday. Check and see what in tank fuel system he has. With this set up you'll have alot of lag and with stock injector's your going to run out of fuel at 530-550 rwhp. 610-633 flywheel hp which is good but why have the lag too. Smaller turbo, Quicker spoll same hp
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