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Shock Delima....Help?

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Ok, I am changing out my Eibachs for another set of springs, I get them off the car and get 2 of the springs swapped out fine. I get to the 3rd one and the nut on top is sitting there spinning in place...Same goes for the last one. The threaded post the 17mm bolt is on is not moving with the bolt but the bolt is not getting tighter or looser, just spinning in place on both of the shocks. WTF, has anyone had this happen? I took it to a shop and had them hit it up with an air socket to no avail either. I am stuck here and I don't want to have to buy new shocks just because of this... So, anyone have this happen before? How did you remedy it if so???

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:( You're pretty much screwed. Sounds like you stripped the studs. You could try to have them re-threaded to a smaller size, but that probably won't hold.

I had a Koni strip out on me and tried re-threading it, but it just stripped again. Luckily I sent it back to Koni and the we able to take off the stud and install a new one. But if I remember correctly, there is no detachable part on the stockers.

Good Luck... :(
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