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short shifter ez question!

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Aight i have'nt used the forums in a while due to the impossibility of finding any useful info anymore on any Q's i have....dunno why that is (wtf happened to search again?) but anyways, I'm looking for a shortshifter and found the "MOOKEEH MK2 SHORT SHIFTER" and was just wondering if this was a true shortshifter. also, i'm probably going to go with the "mookeeh "style"" one. any objections to this?
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NO.. Garbage
better ideas? from what i remember nobody makes one even....somebody wanna start making one? lol
WOW! You really need to learn2search - and no I'm not talking about ForumSearches.

Google is your friend man!

There are a few options - it all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

These are the only two that I feel are worth the $$
C's - $370 + shipping
V3 - $279 + shipping

Then you can go all the way down to the totally free - hack job shifter where you break your stock shifter in half.
Ok.. ill just ask. Has anyone had experience whith either of these shifters? Comments?
I did search. I found the pos Mookeeh that looked like it would probably work...and then i found the $300 options. I guess what i MEANT to ask was is there one that's actually even is worth spending any money on....really, for 300$ i think i'd rather just move my arm a little further. thanks anyways guys
I've driven both the Cs and the V3. Both shift VERY similarly.

I've driven much further on my V3 and I LOVE it! Worth every penny. If you want a work of art that gives you crisp quick shifts then you want one of these.
Yeah I myself have been tempted to buy the C's one. It looks like a good buy as its a real short throw shifter not just the stick shortened down. But I don't think anybody in these forums has this setup though as I think C's just came out with their short shifter for the MKIII
If your paying $370 for a C's your in the wrong spot.

I got mine for free, but still, I see them for $100 all the time.

I LOVE my C's
Maybe you should PM me a link to your $100 c's and perhaps post some pics of what it looks like in the car? Plz

Thanks :)
If your paying $370 for a C's your in the wrong spot.

I got mine for free, but still, I see them for $100 all the time.

I LOVE my C's
Show us the link. Everybody want one, but very few people can afford 370 for a shifter. Better not be mookeh one. I have mookeh and it sucks balls.
Im in for one.
$279 for the V3 - on sale now

im with Keithh.. the V3 FTW.

Its a shame you guys complain that there is no Short shifter out there when the truth is you guys wont pay for quality parts. i say get your mookkee and call it a day.

Yes, some of you cant afford $270-$350 for a shifter but then again you should not be modding but spending it on living.:nono: So the "ITs too much" complain is BS.

By the way you may wanna check out Nashman over in SM. he makes a custom one. from what i hear its good.
Look on Ebay. Look on Yahoo Japan. They are worthless there.

Short shifters cannot be made like the POS Mookeh ones, It takes engineering and a lot of fancy work. So you can't pawn them off for $100 NEW.

I'll get a pic later. It sits no different than a stock shifter, its just the shifts are shorter, which is why its called a short shifter, not a hackjob.
ebay shifters are JUNK.

V3 shifter here...definitely FTW !
There's always the NM short shifter on Supramania.

From what I've seen so far, everyone that got one likes it....
I'm not complaining about the price but if someone "claims" to have found out a cheaper C's shifter then by all means please post a link, saving money isn't a bad thing either :p.
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