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should I get fuel dampener bypass thingy?

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Dusty tells me it frees up enough fuel for extra 30WRHP on the dyno....and its good for the system. anyone?


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anyone who has it in their TT please respond...THANX!
I have it, but don't know if it really makes a difference.

Hope that helps, hehe :).

Im very curious about that as well. Anyone?


Any more info on the fuel pressure dampener bypass modification? I would love to hear some solid info on wether or not this mod is beneficial.

Also what are the side effects? Toyota must have used installed it for a reason.

Any and all info is greatly appreciated.


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I'd say do it. The stock bypass sure looks like a major restriction. Nice to replace it with braided hose. I felt better after installing mine.
Since your already beyond the safe level for the injectors at about 490 rwhp, I wouldn't worry about it until you upgrade your injectors. I have it, but I puchased it when I was having fuel delivery problems. I thought it might be the problem, but it turned out to be the ECU.

Later, Steve
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