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I guess I'm going to be stuck in cages for a while, got hit while in my Miata a few months back's been spasming(sp?) and generally tight ever since. I've been riding of course, but VERY restrained riding...I can't always get my body to come up out of a deep lean without slight pain/twitch. I can also tell that my form is off as well, half the time when I'm hanging off I still have like %20-25 of my grip still in my hands on the bars. I just generally feel unsafe compromising my technique like that on a daily basis, I'd be pissed to dump a mint bike simply b/c of lack of physical ability to ride the damn thing.

Anyway, I hate to sell something knowing I'm going to want another 954 down the road. Seems like a waste. The bike's in the sig, and has only 8,000 mi. on it. And I LOVE it to death. I'm on the fence about weather I should just hang onto in until summer 2010, or just get rid of it and move on to another when I feel the time's right.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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