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Should I, Should I Not...

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I am getting a new job soon, something that will pay well enough so I will actually have a profit after bills. Making roughly $2000 a month, minus 500 or so to bills.

The Toyota Supra has been my lifelong dream car, the styling, rarity and power I find is surpassed by very few other automobiles.

I am also at a reletively young age, at least to the rest of the world and the lovely insurance firms. Would you suggest I try to go for my dream and finance a Supra now, even if it will set me back until I get a better paying job, or should I wait, miss out of my dream car, and hope for a new one to replace it in the future...? The sheer cost of the car (I am looking for a MKIV hopefully around a 94 or 95) and insurance costs will definitely hurt, but I just love this car. I'm sick of domestics. Anyone, please submit opinions...
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I'll tell ya. If i were you, I'd wait. because when you do get that better job, or all teh money. YOu can go out and get one for that amount of money. If you get one now, yeah you will be happy, but later on, when you would have ended up getting one any way/eventually you will still have to pay off the payments. . .i'd wait. . .but it's up to you. I wasn't going to be able to get a supra. ..prolly like a 300z or someithing. . .but i waited an extra year and a half. . .it was painfull. . .but I'm loving it now. Patience pays off.
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