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Should I Take The Dp Off?

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Hey everyone...

I live in Northern Virginia and I am going to take my car in for a state inspection in the next few weeks. I currently have a DP on it, but I am not going to be getting any emissons done on my car as we only have to do this once every two years here in virginia.

So my question is, do you think I should take the DP off for just a saftey inspection? Is there anything that they can do other than just fail me if the see I am running no cats?

If anyone has any comments, let me know...

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Might want most states it is illegal not to run your cats....thus, it would fail...even though you don't have to do emissions.

OR - you can find a shop that will *overlook* that little issue, like I do! Just have to test the to speak at the local shops...

good luck,
hehe yep just gotta love those (overlook)kind of shops.use those ones to get bullshit passed.
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