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should I?

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should i go with a boost controller or just pull the hoses? If i get a boost controller, get which one? hks evc ez?

also, is it worth it to have a BOV while at bpu or bpu+, bpu++, etc? If so, what is one of the most radicalists bovs out there? I want something pretty damn loud!! let me know
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Well.. as for the boost conroller compaired to the pull of the hoses.. I always recommend the boost controller... although you will be able to achieve the same boost levels with either setup, the boost conroller will keep it regulated, where the hoses will only boost till you blow up or till you let off the gass...

As for the BOV... well the stock BOV is okay for basic BPU stuff (my opinion), but when you start running 15psi+ I would suggest you get a nice BOV.... it only can help you...
i suggest you get a boost controller!
the hks evc ez is a decent one and very easy to use i have the blitz dsbc and love it !

as for bov same as what SpdRcr0 said!
I plan on staying BPU at 18 PSI max.

Which features should I be looking 4 in a good boost ctrlr?
Which r a must-have and r 'nice/great to have'?

Heard that Blitz SBC-iD is a bitch to program. Is that the case?

BTW, where is Blitz's web site?

Jay :blue:
From my experience, stay away from the avc-r. The solenoid clicking can drive you nuts. One day after a car wash, the soleniod clicking got even worst and by that, i mean 5x worse. The solenoid now can only register 90% duty cycle. Go get something else, anything else.....
i guess i will go with the hks evz ez

now whats the baddest bov out there? I want something loud...also anyone recommend a deep sound loud exhaust? racing medalion? hks ti?

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