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Monday night, while installing some speakers at a friends house, I got in my dawg and gave her a fire... nothing.... She turned over, but wouldn't fire. My guess was something came unplugged, or we shorted something out with the install. Well... needless to say, its now Friday, and my baby still won't start. My friends and I have checked and re-checked almost every single connection on her. The only thing that isnt giving us a reading is the distributer. The new cap and rotor are on order now, and just waiting for them to come in before I will know for sure. The ironic thing is, I have drivin her 3 times in the last two and a half weeks or so, because she was going to Jay Marks monday for the 60,000 mile replacement job. (Its spring break, the only time I could get away from school during the week to get up there)

Well.. cross your fingers for me... the new cap and rotor will be here early tomorrow morning... I just hope thats the problem, and I'm not looking at SERIOUS trouble.


This sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me 2 months ago. It ended up being my fuel pump. It gave no warning signs whatsoever, I just went out to my car....and no start. I had about 55k miles on it at the time. : (
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