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I bought rims from an ebay from an actual store that sells rims in PA. The auction said the rims were 19x8.5 however I've already taken the rims to two shops and nether can put the damn tires on the rims. The guys at the last shop were like are you sure these are 8.5?, the one guy says yeah I measured them theyre 8.5.. the other guy says no way these are 8's.. Then they all agreed that you measure rim width from inside the lip and that these rims are 8s.. God these rims are nothing but trouble I don't even want them anymore lol

Here is a pic if you measure the entire lip (which i guess the seller was going by, even though if measured this way theyre bigger then 8.5)

And here is a pic of what I'm pretty sure is the correct size.. 8..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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