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Simple Numbers and Times Who Would Win ???

With all conditioins the same, driver, weather, stock tires all manuals etc... I'm just trying to get a good idea without being to technical or exact. WHP and TRQ #'s would help.

Base for Supra TT, 6SPD, Stock Twins. Then BPU Mods, then BPU + & ++, +++

Base for LS1 Type SS or WS6 then the Domestic equivalent to BPU, Then maybe SC or Turbo for BPU +, ++ etc...

Base C5 Then Mods or Z06, Viper, Turbo

Stock VS. Stock SS or LS1 type WS6, C5,

BPU VS. LS1 type w/cam Head exhaust, C5, Z06, Viper older

BPU + VS. LS1 w/cam Head exhaust etc..., C5, Z06, Viper, Porsche turbo

BPU ++ VS. LS1 w/cam Head exhaust, SC/Turbo etc..., C5 Modified, Z06, Viper newer, Porsche turbo

Get the Idea....Nothing fancy just ball park.

Not looking for exact numbers just what you guys think in General. Really looking at the Supra VS. LS1 because I need the back seat and cant really afford the Viper or Porsche just like knowing I can hang with um.


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Stock vs stock they are very close. The Supra seems to have a little more top end pull but the LS1's are very strong out of the hole. Once you go BPU in the Supra you will see low 12's on average with some cars being a little quicker or slower and trap speeds in the 115-118mph range. If you do headers,exhaust and intake on the LS1 you can get into the high 12's on average. Some LS1's have seen high 12 second passes bone stock but from what I have seen first hand several times at the track low to mid 13's seem like the average for them. The LS1 has a lot of potential just like the Supra as long as you are willing to spend some money.
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