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I'm going to try to explain this the best i can. according to the japanese 1jz the heater vsv heater is on the driver side so it connected directly to the 5/8" hose coming from the back side of the motor and then the 5/8" u-bend pipe located bewtween the rear turbo and the exhaust side valve cover connects to a nipple on the firewall.

now on the us version, the heater vsv is on the passenger side along the firewall and there's a nipple on the driver side... which is the complete opposite of the japanese version. so my question is....

now that the heater vsv is on the passenger side, can the u-bend pipe go directly into the heater vsv or does it have get routed to the driver side into the firewall similar to the japanese version? same thing for the hose found on the back of the motor... does that get routed all the way to the heater vsv like the japanese version or can that go into the firewall?
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