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I notice people ask the question is my headgasket blown more than they should. Most people say do a leakdown/compression test but both of these tests can require tools not available or expensive. That and the fact that they do not yeild definate results.

This is a chemical test tool that tests whether hydrocarbons are in your coolant system which is definately the first thing you should do and usually the only thing needed to check for a bad head/headgasket. If there are hydrocarbons in your cooling system, 9.5/10 you either need a head or a headgasket.

Here is the snapon tool I use.

Its 65 bux and is a very simple test to do which only take ~ 10 minutes if you are being very slow. It is also very easy to do and comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

Here is the Mac one for $45

I have not used it so I can not guarantee if it is as good and/or as accurate but it should be.

I would definately have to recommend the snapon one though since I have experience with it.
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i used this when i thought the turbos were bad just to double check if it was my headgasket, and guess turned green/yellow stating that my "headgasket" was blown due to the carb in the radi fluid. now before going to a big job like the headgasket i popped off each plug to get a closer look.....all were carbed none it was just the turbos not the BHG

remember ladies are twin system is air/water cooled...
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