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i just finished putting the motor back in after doing the single conversion, but it won't crank over. i also put in a new alternator but i'm not sure if its wired right. there are 3 prongs i have (starting at the motor side) white then black then yellow, is that right?

but thats not the problem. i think the problem is with the wiring. i took the harness off to get rid of the extra wires and i'm 95% sure i did everything right. but since the motor won't crank, i think the starter wiring is the problem. Are there any more connecters from the harness that go to the starter? i have the 1 that goes from the battery to the starter but nothing else.

i also removed the whole nsw clip and shortened it back closer to the ecu and soldered the wires together (it was previously jumped with a wire and 2 male wire connectors). this would make sense that the starter won't kick on if this is wrong.

please help... thanks, jake
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