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Single Turbo question

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What other parts will I need if I order a T-78 from GReddy. Parts that I will need besides what already comes with there package. I have a good Idea but I want to know everything so I can get it all at once, the best set up: of injectors, fuel rail, fuel reg, hoses, VPC, GCC, and etc... Can anyone help? thanks
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this is a good question....

Anyones opinion on getting the t78 kit on a stock (BPU) surpra.. meaning.. no VPC, GCC, etc etc.... running like 15psi or so... at least until I get the rest of the computers / fuel / etc

talk to steve jarvis about his set up.
he is using i belive stock maf sensor ..he has a sp63 but i guess he know what problems you will fall into if any!
i belive i was told or i read some where the stock intercooler is good for 500-550 hp

you guys will also need a shorty down pipe or if you have a dp you need it to be modified to fit your turbo set up im sure any good muffler shop can do this for you! !

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here is the deal

The thing is I do plan getting Gcc, VPC, and my car is BPU right now including cams <HKS-272exhaust/264intake> I also have a brand new short block with 5k. I need to know what things I do need to get, I am not going to milk it and stay with my MAF if that's what SpdRcr0 thought. I just wanted to here what the best set up would be. The best of everything is what I wanted to know. Because I don't know exactly what comes with the kit from Greddy. But I will talk to Steve Jarvis
thanks RanGer498

RanGer498 is that your car or Steve's I thought that yours was Royal-S Blue?
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