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25psi = 14" brakes :)
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Largest pistons I know of are 85.5mm diameter.
If the pistons are melted/Skuffed, just get a large hammer, like a sledge hammer, and use the handle to tap them out of the engine.
Another way is to set the block up off the floor so the rods will fall down without hitting anything. (Not too high, you don't want to ruin the rods.)
Then take a sturdy 2x4, I've found pallets have mahogany many times, and that holds up to hammering on it better than yellow pine for example.
place the 2x4 into the bore, and then CAREFULLY hit the end. Don't hit the block deck with the hammer. (Best choice is reversed sledge hammer, the handle will hold up fine, and the extra weight of the 12lb hammer really knocks the pistons loose quick.)
Remember, you can't really bond alluminum and iron very well, so once you break them free, they should come out pretty easy.
I just hate to see a good block get scrapped. Hit from both sides a few times, it should break the pistons free.
Good luck
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