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Just wondering how big of a difference there is between slicks and like high performance tires... I never have liked slicks, and I was hoping to get a supra up to about 475-550 HP and I wanted to know what kind of times I could run with each. I am willing to pay more for performance tires...something about going straight from the street to track with nothing to swap entices me :).

Anyone have any input...I had the same question for my mustang, but people called me crazy for not running slicks...But hoping the more advanced suspension will help out here...


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You could go with 315 BFG or Nitto drag radials. The BFG's hook better but they wear like sh*t, I couldn't even get 500 miles out of them on the street. The Nittos don't hook as well but they last MUCH longer and they take corners better too. The Nitto is a lot better all around street tire.

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