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who's gonna go
Otep, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Slipknot...and i do believe in that order

playing at the alliant energy center....

i have SO many concerts to go to this year...its caaaarazy

doors open at 6, starts playing at 7pm

its G.A. so tickets are $33.50

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Been there done that.....i remember when slipknot wasnt a half bad of a band,and them other bands....I rather spend $12.00 bucks and see death by stereo on the 2nd of may at the rave.

P.S. Marcus did you get my old n/a diff in yet??

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Otep is g3y, I mean, she can scream, but I still don't like it. Plus I must say her little political songs are annoying. I hate political music by even my favorite artists.

Lamb of God is OK, but IMO nothing special.

Shadows Fall - Meh

Slipknot - Definately not a good hard band. I also don't want so see some guys dressing up like retards.

But I'll go to any bands like :
Poison the Well
The Agony Scene
Most Precious Blood
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