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Hey guys. As you know im doing a 7m-gte swap on a 86.5 supra. I just wanted to give you guys a bit of info on what status im on right now and whats planned.

Right now im at the point where im just waiting for my spec stage III clutch to come in witch should be tommarow or saturday. Ive got the n/a tranny cleaned (w58) and removed the 17 year old GUNK inside the bellhousing getting it all clean and dry for the new clutch. The jdm engine...ive taken it all apart down to the shortblock and cleaned all the parts and the block. Ive decided not to take the shortblock completly apart to machine the deck and eaither lap it myself and use a MHG or just lap it a bit and clean it and use a oem head gasket. Im probably going to use the oem gasket for now though. The head ive machine about .010-.020" off to get it flat and smooth and changed out the stem seals. Everything else on the head is how it came off the jdm engine. Ive resurfaced the flywheel also because it was horrible looking so the clutch should stick very nicley. Friday morning im going to meet a guy with a Tanabe Racing Medalion catback for the MKIV hes selling witch im going to buy from him and modify it to fit the MKIII. The downpipe im getting will probably the 90 dollar cheap ebay one with a testpipe from exhaust depot. That would be my complete exhaust using the stock ct-26 elbow.

Ive put in the turbo computer and harnest in the engine bay ready for the motor. Once I get the clutch kit im sticking it on the motor and putting the tranny in and then dropping the motor in the 86.5 finally witch witch then the hardest part will be over with!

Hopefully ill get the engine in by this weekend and take some snapshots of it all. I hope to get it running late this weekend or early next week.


I got some q's

1. Should i use the oem gasket or a mhg since ive decided to not machine the deck. Im thinking just use the oem gasket on the current n/a tranny, and then later on do a r154 swap with a mhg?

2. The w58 i have has 185k miles on it. Would it last a while if i baby it, and maybe floor it once a while, but NOT shift like a race car driver?

3.What would the compression ratio be with the oem gasket and .020" off the head?

Thanks alot Ill probably post some pics when i get some when im done!
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