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NegativeGeForce said:
I got some q's

1. Should i use the oem gasket or a mhg since ive decided to not machine the deck. Im thinking just use the oem gasket on the current n/a tranny, and then later on do a r154 swap with a mhg?

2. The w58 i have has 185k miles on it. Would it last a while if i baby it, and maybe floor it once a while, but NOT shift like a race car driver?

3.What would the compression ratio be with the oem gasket and .020" off the head?

Thanks alot Ill probably post some pics when i get some when im done!
1) OEM...if youre not gonna do the MHG right...dont do it at all or youll just be spending more money in the long run...just make sure you tighten the headbolts to about 72lbs.... OR my suggestion would be getting ARP head studs andtighten those to 80lbs...

2)as i dont know the limitations of the w58 tranny all that say drive it like you want..if it breaks it will break at that kinda of you might as well have fun while doingit.

3)simplest and best way to tell for sure......get a compression test done when the swap is done.
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