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Small problem, help please =)

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i opened the dash apart, nothing new i am sure we all did it like over 5 million times, but this time, the light on the dash panel don't come on, when the lights are on, the background lights are on, but when i push the auto button the light does not come on, everything works on the dash the heater, poisition of the air coming out, just the light for auto, air in/out, thoughs lights, so basically the top row of the lights do not come on, but the bottom row does, i hope this isn't too confussing i can't seem to find what's wrong with it, is their a light bulb??? bad fuse, help please John Shin
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just did it this past weekend, you've got a blown accessory light.. here's just pull everything back out.. get to the a/c control. dissamble it. there are 5 bulbs. one for the top row (auto, recycle..) 2 for the bottom row (a/c, defrost...) one for the temp, one for the speed of the a/c. you've probably want to change all of them once in there... they're probably old and will soon all go.. that's what happened to me, 1st the top row, then about a month later the one in the bottom row.. if you go to the dealership each bulb (and socket) will be around $8, which I thought was ridiculous.. went to the usual auto parts stores found nothing alike. then got creative. went to Radio Shack found the actual bulb itself (12V/25mapms) replaced the old bulbs, from the actual sockets have dash light on them again. hope this helps.. beats $50 bucks of bulbs from the dealership
thank you very much, i will try it out today
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