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That's going to be a problem for CA I/M testing unless

1) The kit has a CARB E.O. number - meaning its certified
2) The upgrade looks enough like stock to fool the tech
3) The tech is stupid, doesn't care, or you pay him/her off

One big problem is if you get caught, you run the risk of winding up on the "Black List" whereby you have to go henceforth to a referee station for all your I/M tests. No way you can fool around with those guys.


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if you get chosen to go to a ref and you know your gonna fail, do you have a chance to make the vehicle non-op? i plan on making mine track only in the future.

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You can find some shops out there that don't care what they're looking at as long as it passes the emissions test.

I have also heard about some shops out there that don't care if the car passes smog long as when they look in the tailpipe they find a few hundred dollars. ;)


I'd really like to check out your Racelogic System, yet at the same time I'd rather not 'cause if I check it out I'll probably want to buy one right away. :p
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