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Hi guys.

Im kinda new around here so Im posting here in this forum as they wont let me post in the for sale section. I think its for the best though as I would like to do this locally.

I have right now on my car a set of Blitz Technospeed Z1 wheels in gold. They are 18x9 in the front and 18x9.5 in the rear. I think both are +38 offset. They are supra fitment and fit great on a supra. I have 255/40/18 pilot sports up front and 295/35/18 BFG KDWs on the rears. Look Massive. :)

I had to roll my fenders in the rear to fit them, but they wont rub if you fit a 275/35/18 on them. I just wanted the wider look, so I put those on.

The lips are perfect... absolutely no curb rash or anything. (not one scratch)

The paint is also very good. Overall I rate then a 9.5 out of 10.

Great shape.

Im probably going to paint my car and wanted to go with a different wheel setup. So Im looking either to trade these or sell them.

Im looking for a set of either CCWs, Fikse, etc.

Something preferrably in a brushed aluminum and something from a good brand name. I like the drag setup look.... so something along those lines. Must be in good shape. I have some money I can add if the price of the wheels is more than mine in case of a trade. Just email me some pics and I'll see if I like them. Email is [email protected]

If not I am willing to sell them.

I was looking to get about $2000 with the tires on them. Without tires, I would probably sell them for around $1750.

I work at a tire shop, so dismounting/swapping tires is not problem.

I think that sums it up. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Here are some links to pics of the wheels (sorry about the night shots):
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