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I know everyone has probably heard this exhaust before but just in case some people have not

my digi cam sucks and i have to hold down the button to record =\

first one is car just started and idling

second one is in car and reving to 3k with the door open

third one is under car from the drivers side shot gives you an idea how mean the exhaust sounds

mods are RMM clone downpipe, hks carbon TI, recirculated hks bov, hks intake

the car sounds much more mean in person as due to the digi cam cant record all audio frequencies, especially the deep tone ones...... also cant hear the primary turbo spool from just giving it gas hope you guys enjoy!

p.s, no i dont have really big feet, i know my car is dirty..... and yes i have to hold the button while i rev it so you can hear the xhaust

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First video - cool, i kept waiting for you to do something, lol.

Second video - sounds good, who the hell was filming and what were they filming...

third video - too short... :(

thanks for sharing.
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