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Today I pulled the head off my Supra, with a little help from a friend. I looked at the stock gasket. NO deformation around the cooling passages, nothing, zip zero nada! this is at 13 psi for about 4 months. Kinda surprised me, but whatever, I always use premium, so no detionation at all. Thanks to Bert (Boostadicctn) again, he gave me a N/A Supra voltmeter, that replaces the turbo models boost guage. I really like having it there.

My friend from Livermore, also brought me the exterior side door molding I was missing, the front sidemarker light, and also the passenger side foglight, along with strut tower shock caps (got rid of tems, I thought the top of the strut looked unfinished) I also got the interior light fixture (in the middle) the contacts were corroded on mine, so hopefully this ones in good shape. Before christmas break is over, I will have the side moldings painted silver, to match my car. Also, Zero is bringing me front clear corners that I bought off him for a good price. Also today, I got the rear speaker cover (one of mine was broke) and the hatch cover (my car didnt have one when I bought it) Also, before I go back to Fresno, my rear bumper should be repainted, but I am not positive on this one.

The HKS 1.2 MM HG is going to go in soon, with ARP studs. Walbro is ordered, and I am replacing every vacum line with brand new heavy duty ones. For the 550 injector clip's, I picked up this wire covering. It is a braided high temperature covering that will protect the wires from abrasion. this will be sealed at the ends with a shrink tubing peice, that will hold the wires tight.

I sent my turbo to PT today, I got the 60-1 with a 10 degree clip. My friend (same guy) and I are going to make a custom dp (with elbow) cause he has a manderal bender. We will also be making 2.5 inch hard pipes. When the SPEC stage 3 clutch comes in, and I test it, I will post up a review. I have heard it is very drivable, with just a little "catchyness" to it.

I also plan to have my rear wheels widened. As you can see in my sig, I have custom wheels. But they are only 8 inches wide, that is the widest you can get them. so, for the rear, I plan on having them widened to 10 inches. So, that would be 275, I belive? If i can go wider then 10, I might, I haven't done too much reaserch, on the widest rim, that I can fit. I would be nice, if i could put a small spacer, to push the wheels out a little, then i could make them a little wider, 285's would look mighty impressive.

I am planing on bringing my head to Bert's house tomarow, he is going to take it to a machine shop for me. Man, I have a lot of stuff planned for my car this break, if anyone wants to help, your more then welcome to. All you Bay area guys that i have met seem real cool. Cant wait to drive to ATP with my 60-1 lex/550's and do a few dyno pulls! When I do that, lets get a bunch of people there! Last time only Bert showed up!
Well guess thats it, I will see you BAS guys tomarow, at 8!

Man, thats a long story, but it felt good to write it!
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