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We have the engine running pretty well. Going to go the a Greddy SIngle this summer, however am going to enjoy the 300-350HP Daily driver until it becomes the ~700 beastily daily driver hehe.

I would like to thank all the fellow forum members, you know who you are, that assisted with answering questions and sold me a few parts for very reasonable pirces.

Going to spend the next few months getting everything prepped for the conversion and also work on the visual appearance and cosmetics with a nice body kit and some fine paint job. Going to get the SPeakers installed among other small things here and there slowly but surely.

. Also getting the trasnmission exactly where we want it to pick up power no matter the gear or RPM hehe. And get the bushings and other chassis prevenative maintenace completed.

Would also like to thank Projekt7 and Travis for helping with the project planning going from a NA to a TT to a future SIngle as well as all the extra hours that went into it and follow up with the car. I know you all hate to love the girl. =) You guys did an amazaing job.

Anyways now that she can run and push the boost a little if anyonw wants to hang out, cruis around, just bullshit, or know of any good underground car meets in Daytona Let me know!

I will get some pictures together.

I look forward to meeting some new people!
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