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The link works for me, even when I'm not logged in. I'll paste in the text here for you. You should email the webmaster and explain your problems, mention your operating system and internet browser.

Modify the stock stick. No cost:

Result of mod: lower shift knob height. Shift throw is quicker.

*If you replace the seat-ring, it will be tighter too.
*To get the seat-ring, call Jeff Watson 1-800-327-2087,
*tell him you want the "green truck shifter gasket".
*You should ask for the "white bushing for the pivot".

Remove the black dash center cover around the stereo ect.

Remove 4 screws to remove the metal-covered rubber boot at the base of the stick.

Pull the rubber boot off.

There is a ring holding it onto the neck, pull hard, it comes off.

You don't have to remove the ring.

Remove the next wide rubber cover over the base.

Lift the small center rubber cap at the base of the stick.

Remove 4 screws at the base of the stick.

Remove the stick from the socket.

Now we'll break the stick apart.

Take two vise grips. Make them extra tight.
Place one at the lower silver metal shaft.
Place the other on the black stick.
Twist back n forth with strong force.
You have to break a strong rubber filling inbetween the two shafts.
It's a springy feel on most sticks.
On some cars, the rubber is very solid, a torch can melt it soft for the removal.

After you snap the rubber, remove the upper shaft. *Replace the white bushing on the bottom of the stick. *Replace the black ring in the shifter base with the green one. (* parts from Jeff Watson, see above.)

Reinstall the stick, plates, and all boots. You'll need shift knob similar to a MOMO which does not use threads, it uses 3 set screws. The rubber cap needs to be inside the knob. Just set the thread collor, the knob, tighten the set screws, screw on the collar and voila! Set the leather bag,it'll have alot of folds in it now.

The height is very similar to a MkIV. I love that! The throw feels similar, with a little more notch feel. The rubber core of the long stick had dampened the notches and vibration.

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there is a part number and u can just bring it in to a toyota dealer and get it. the green is the rubber bushing..if u take out the stock shifter its a black rubber piece. people say to replace it with the green truck one.

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When you do the mod, you should replace the shifter seat (green ring) and bushing (whiite cap on end of shifter) while you`ve got it apart that far. See you local dealer and ask for these #`s 33505-35020 & 33548-31010.
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