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This came out of my 95 TT Supra with 86k miles on. It was rebuilt 12k miles ago in 2011 by Shawn Cassady (owner of Best Transmissions in Springfield MA). He's on this forum (screenname NoCage) and has done many rebuilds for our platform. I do not have any paperwork on the build (already talked to two previous owners of my car). I have talked to Shawn and he remembers the car and is friends with the prior owner who had the work done. Per Shawn it "Has performance aftermarket clutches (red), modified valve bodies, changed springs, new sprags, and shimmed pressure regulator (to increase line pressure).."

Thread of 2010 with car having a slipping trans. Ryan was the seller of the car. SilverTT (Tim) bought it.:

Thread from 2012 by that mentions built trans from Best Transmissions. Tim is the guy who had the rebuild done to the car. Kyle bought the vehicle from Tim:

Thread from 2018 where I purchased the car from kyle, also mentions trans build:

It works great and has held up well for the last 8 years on this car (single turbo swapped making around 450whp). I'm only selling because I 6 speed swapped my car (which was my intent before even buying the car). Includes B&M oil cooler, flywheel plate, rear mount and some bolts. Torque Converter and the rest of the automatic components I've already sold.

$750 cash picked up in Burlington VT. I'm also willing to ship it if you cover the 3% paypal fees and pay for shipping obviously. I already have it boxed up from a buyer who flaked out.

To give you an idea on rates: $170 to Chicago, $182 to Miami, $217 to Beverly Hills. Potentially a little cheaper if you have a business address.

*The cooler works with the hard lines that run from the transmission to the front of the motor. You will want to re-use your stock lines. I do have the hard lines but they are too long to fit in my box. If you want me to try and bend them to fit I can, but not guarantee they won't kink.

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